Pet Turf

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WARRANTY:15 years

Do you own a pet? More than one? How about ten? Not to worry because Magnolia Turf provides artificial grass specifically developed for your furry friends! Our durable Pet Turf system ensures a safe, fun and low maintenance environment for you and your pets. Our products guarantee your lawn will not fall victim to brown spots, muddy holes or buried bones.

Our Pet Turf line still looks and feels like real grass! In fact, most animals can’t tell the difference! It’s perfect for front yards, back yards and dog runs of all sizes. Dogs large and small–from Chihuahuas and Pit Bulls to Great Danes can enjoy our Pet Turf system! Animal shelters, boarding kennels and dog parks love our products because Pet Turf can withstand the roughest play.

The turf is extremely durable and is equipped with our proprietary turf backing technology where each blade is triple reinforced through tuft bind technology which is incredibly resistant to pull force, so let your pup play all day!